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Nick Buxcey

I began working on cob buildings over 25 years ago when I bought my listed thatched home in Shrewton. Within the first few months I learnt to recognise problems and how to carry out lime and cob repair using traditional materials and methods. Over the years since then I have helped many people repair their buildings using lime mortars to keep them looking the way they should. Along the way I learnt from experts in lime as well as taking specialist courses.


My background in art and design led me to work all over the Middle East, Germany and London, where I experienced different buildings, their manufacture and finishes (especially in Dubai). I moved into marketing, working throughout Europe and the US, but all the time coming home to work on my house and others; this was soon taking over my life and led me to give up working for someone else and set up Paint & Lime.


I now repair all types of cob buildings and walls. It's a labour of love. There really is nothing better than seeing a house, a church wall or a barn repaired the way it should be. These structures will be there long after I have gone and long after many modern buildings have been demolished. We are also very lucky to have people who care for these buildings when they own them. After all, we are their custodians.



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