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Paint. Wonderful for effects, wonderful for rooms and wonderful for exteriors.


I tend to work with paints that are eco-friendly and acrylic free, especially paints that allow walls and wood to breathe. Whatever you choose, preparation is always most important as the results are always better and last longer.

Allow your walls to breathe...

I am a great believer that whatever the finish on the outside of a building, it should be allowed to breathe. Too many properties are hermetically sealed on the outside and suffer on the inside. Silicate paints have high alkaline properties (helps to deter algae) and penetrate to form a chemical bond. This bond creates a porous finish that allows water vapour to penetrate without allowing liquid water to damage the render. Added to that, exceptional durability compared to modern paints, the finish is sublime and smooth to touch.


Decoration with a difference...

Have you wondered about how best to decorate any room in a house, especially those where a child grows up? Plains walls can be boring and wallpapers leave a lot to be desired. I have often been asked to do something different, so I like to ask what the child likes or dislikes and build around that.


One wall is generally enough to bring out something a little bit special as it creates an environment that is fun and exciting for a boy or a girl.

Finishing with a difference...

Why paint any wall in plain white paint when there are many different colours and finishes available? A simple touch here or a certain type of paint there can make a huge difference to any room.


I aim to use claypaint, ground marble, natural earth pigments and paints that have a negative effect on the environment and are kind to your home, such as those from Mylands or Earthborn. These types of paint, have better coverage, durability, consistency and depth of colour than many mainstream brands.

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