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How can I help?


Whether you want to simply maintain an old building or are looking to take on something more significant such as a wreck in need of serious tlc, I am able to offer advice, conduct site visits, and offer estimates as to how lime and cob repair should be carried out and the relevant costs involved.



I usually repair traditional buildings using locally sourced materials and lime mortars and render. The repair generally means the removal of old renders, either cement (often including wire and blown nails) or lime, and the repair to walls or plinths carried out using, chalk bricks, cob, flint and various lime mortars.


The aim is to allow the relevant wall or building to breathe naturally and stay strong and robust for many years to come.





I visit homes and buildings to make an assessment of what is needed regarding repair, or I can offer advice as to how lime and cob repair needs to be done, should you wish to do the work yourself.


I also offer advice as to conservation and as to how works need to be carried out in relation to listed buildings (dealing with relevant local authorities and Conservation Officers at the local council).



When painting traditional buildings inside or out it is best to use a breathable paint, be it limewash, silicate or clay based. Even on modern buidlings silicate paints are much better option than acrylic resin based paints that are readily available.


I also provide specialist finishes for internal rooms in modern or traditional buildings. This can range from classic marbling of feature walls to painting children's bedrooms with teddy bears and clowns.

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