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Listed below you will find some of the projects for this year...

From repointing flint plinths to rebuilding walls, the beauty of revealing hidden stonework to working around Housemartins nesting. It's a demanding and filthy job, but wonderful when you see a client's face at the end.
Listed cob house in Enford.

The owners had recently purchased this old cob house. The rear of the building needed stripping, partial rebuild due to the damage caused by cement and wire repairs over the years. Using local materials, chalk bricks and lime mortars the wall once again became a breathable structure. The whole house was then repainted with Earthborn Silicate Masonary paint on the new wall and the remainder in Mapei Silancolor.

Lime and cob repair to rear of a barn in Enford.

This barn had suffered over the years with concrete repairs that eventually came off in large chunks with the frosts early this year. The wall was stripped, the French drain cleared and the ends of the barn rebuilt using chalk bricks, flint and lime mortars. A three coat lime mortar was applied before the barn was painted in Earthborn Silicate Masonary paint in chalk. I stored my tools and materials in the front of the barn and watched Housemartins raise chicks over the period I was there, often getting within a few feet of the fledgelings. They didn't seem to mind at all.

Internal repairs to a house in Homanton.

The sitting room wall had blown and was in serious need of repair. When the wallpaper was removed part of the wall collapsed and reeded rebuilding. Using lime mortar and flint the wall to the right of the chimney was rebuilt over a period of time. The wall was then replastered in lime and allowed to dry. Upstairs part of a wall had fallen away when a radiator was removed. This was stabalised and repaired. The images also show part of a downstairs painted wall, this was originally an exterior wall. I removed some of the paint and repointed and left the wall open to view. Beautiful.


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