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This page is more about things I find interesting, or links to sites you may find of use when trying to find things about design, cob building supplies, paint and odds and sods. If you feel I'm missing something, please let me know. It's easy to make change and easy to look after the things that matter. And the pic on the right, my dog, she often comes to work with me.

Blue Moon

The Paint & Lime logo was designed by Martin at Blue Moon in Hertfordshire. I have worked with Martin since the early 1990s and you will not find a more creative mind or imaginative designer. He's created campaigns for Fosters, Virgin Cosmetics, Aer Lingus, Credit Suisse to name a few. If you are looking for an edge or something different, a twist or just good design, take a look at his website.

Earthborn paints

Possibly the best paint either for indoors or outside I have found. Wonderful colours, safe to use and great for the environment. Earthborn paints are special – there are no nasty smells and the distinctive mellow colours cover like a dream. Take a look at their website to find out more.


Lime Stuff

Lime Stuff supplies almost everything you need in relation to cob buildings, from lime render to limewash and host of other things too. They are a great team, always willing to help and offer advice. If you are thinking of doing some repairs yourself, here is where you start.


Second Skin Surf

If you like North Devon and you like the sea, there is no better place to get all you surf boards or wetsuits than Second Skin in Braunton. Andy Schollick is a renowned surfer and pioneer of some of the innovations in wetsuits we all take for granted. Pop in next time you are there, whatever surf gear you need I'm sure you will find it.

Juicy Lucy Cupcakes

Hungry? Ever wanted a cake that just does it? Well I'm lucky to have tried these many times and so have some of the people I have worked with. Just wonderful. Try them if you can, better still, order!


The weather!

I always need to keep an eye on the weather, my two trusted servants are the BBC and the Met Office. I follow these mostly through the apps on my phone, but the links are here:

Bath Artisan Market

Bath's mecca for independent traders who create and sell high-quality work and produce; from delicious food, to art prints and cards, to flea market finds like clothes and homewares to unique handicrafts like ceramics, candles, glass, textiles and more. Green Park Station BA1 1JB. Second Sunday of every month 10-4pm.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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