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Inside and out, repairs are necessary to alleviate further problems at a later date.

Repairs to south facing walls in Shrewton.

This property needed repairs to both south facing walls. Both plinths were plastered and once the old render was removed it was decided to repoint and leave them open to the air. While removing the render, the lintel over the French doors was rotten, so that was replaced with oak and also the three lintels on the second wall were either replaced or inserted where they were missing. The opening to the French doors was also widened to allow new doors to be fitted. A new conservatory was also fitted so that the new lime mortars covered where the conservatory butted the wall.

Church wall.

The church wall needed repairing in six different places, each section being about two metres wide. After carefully removing old concrete render one large crack needed repairing and securing. Also the footings in one section of the wall had collapsed and had to be reconstructed underneath and then the bricks replaced and repointed. A three layer lime repair was made to the wall and made ready for a limewash to be applied to the whole wall.

Replastering and redecorating a bathroom.

I removed all the old plaster in this bathroom, repaired the wall where necessary and replastered with a fine coat of lime mortar. This was allowed to dry and was painted with an Earthborn interior claypaint. The surround on the bath was removed and replaced with tongue and groove, then painted with Earthborn eggshell along with all the other wood and skirting in the room.


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